orange is the new black



The beautiful black girl opens her thighs to

cross-over and quake

her German lover’s milk-white breasts

floating on the

tremulous raft of a

brass bed haven

in military Wiesbaden.


Poussey’s father insinuates his

general’s chest into this

seventh heaven unsurprised

but frustrated by

his daughter’s fidelity

and the passion with which she



He is blandly announcing a

posting back to America

where she has no friends

or inconvenient

romantic entanglements –

no-one to mix legs and arms

or find safe haven.


Poussey is distraught,

approaching her lover’s father

with a loaded pistol

bulging at her waist.

He is the commanding

five star who

shuffled assignments to

save his girl

from this perverse



Piercings and shaved head motions,

she is imagining a Berlin freedom

far from small-town America

where sub-cultures are perverted into violence

and she becomes the sum-total of

parole diary leavings

and youthful fuck-ups –

a jail-bird too smart to conform.


At the last possible moment,

stymied by her father’s staying hand

Poussey is forced into a face-saving lie

I don’t love you

I never loved you

I never could have loved you.


Leaning against the bookshelves in Danbury

she is hiding from the prison queen-bee

demurring the drug-mule camaraderie

and the entrepreneurial sisterhood


they will have their revenge

in the ramshackle shower stalls,

head-kicking on the cracked tiles,

blood and water mixed in idle swirls

She will never love you!

the unkindest cut of all.


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