Enormous changes at the last minute

Its Christmas Day.

Haven’t written for a while. So much has happened. Had surgery, got my braces off – and now I am a new person – emerged fully reformed with a perfect bite. Funny, I cant seem to get used to having such a symmetrical face. I see myself in the mirror and wonder who I am.

I have a new job. Working with young people – something I have always wanted to do. but this blog wont be about that.

I have done a bit of writing – some intensely personal poems and some more movie-based ones. One based on Todd Haines’ version of Mildred Pierce. Such a strange, low-fi, sensual, textural reading of the story. Florid and low-key at the same time. Its clear from Haines’ direction that he sees the central relationship as narcissistic – and homo-erotic. Is Mildred the narcissist or is her daughter?

Have thought hard about some new artworks and I have some ideas which may be malleable, transferable, do-able.

Need to put the chickens on.



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