New Road

Here I am starting in my new life as a social worker with my newly minted MSW. I have applied for two jobs already! its exciting, inspiring and a little scary. Haven’t been able to do any painting because my studio is being renovated. So I have been taking it easy – reading, watching movies, gardening and throwing things out. I always feel so invigorated by the process of jettisoning newly categorised junk. Maybe I need a fiery pit attached to the back garden.

This morning I have been looking at watercolourists – Cotman, Turner and Cozens (JR). I was hoping to buy a book on Cotman – Cotman in the North – I have borrowed it from the local library many times, but apparently its out of print and the cheapest copy is over $150. Perhaps another time!

They say Cotman appeals to the modern eye – not sure why they say this, but I enjoy his very fine and subtle tonal range and superb colour. There is something about the tonal qualities in his paintings which is both mysterious and deeply satisfying. Apparently he died a pauper, unrecognised and unappreciated in his day. Now, of course, he is recognised as one of the great masters of watercolour. Perhaps he was too far ahead of his time.

JOHN SELL COTMAN, On the Greta, c. 1806. Tate Gallery

John Sell Cotman, c. 1806, On the Greta, Tate Gallery, London


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