From Kieslowski's A Short Film about Love (Decalogue)

Crying over spilt milk

Watching Kieslowski’s film again, I wept uncontrollably. I read that he changed the ending when it was given a wider release, re-editing and expanding the film.  The final scene with Magda seeing her apartment and herself from Tomek’s point of view and seeing herself comforted by him (in spirit) wasn’t in Decalogue VI. Such a moving and compassionate conclusion – perhaps I was crying not because of Magda and Tomek’s lost opportunites, but because of the power of compassion in our lives and how we lose sight of its importance.Seeing herself through Tomek’s eyes allowed her to incorporate his compassion for her. Don’t we all need a loving mirror like this? Someone to see our pain and understand?

Across the divide

Spilt milk running from the bottle

The table is taking all the language,

In dribs and drabs.


A Short Film about Love


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